Among the negative sentiments expressed about Chi Omega members are that they can be a bit isolated (maybe even exclusionary) and that they limit themselves to their own philanthropic and social activities over cooperation with other Greek letter organizations. You are clueless. One consistent observation is that KDs are obsessed with popularity. Look past the make up/money/chapter stereotype. Find something you're interested in, but most importantly, just get a feel for where you belong. never met a dg i didn’t like, for sure the most diverse house when it comes to going out. I never felt compelled to join myself, but you are right, those that do good charity work should be admired. Beautiul, rich, smart and even many nice ones). PNMs...Don’t take advice from a dude who’s never even been in a chapter. Because of this, only the nastiest sorority girls will outwardly dislike a DZ girl. Anyway, Purdue's only ag sorority is Sigma Alpha, but they don't have a house, do they? Purdue Fraternity and Sorority Life Go down to Chapter House Costs and you will see an estimate. Gamma Phi Beta - mid tier (like to party; not classy; not service oriented) - If you want a party and socialize, then join this sorority. What about Alpha Sigma Tau? :) Theta love. AOII was founded by four incredibly bright women at Columbia University (Barnard College) as a way to bring wonderful women together who share a common bond of promoting opportunities for all women. OPINIONS, people. So I'm a DZ and actually most of us are pretty attractive (believe it or not). Learn their philanthropy, their academic achievements, their sisterhood. However, DZ women are also known for their strong sisterhood and mutual support. Proud KKG, but all of these sororities are amazing with outstanding members. Those young ladies are awesome. Alpha Chi Omega had the highest sorority GPA with 3.44 with 138 members. They were students calling Phi Mu girls Phi Moo at Arkansas and then the girls at LSU are pretty girls and it's a popular sorority. That thing that has changed the most is the KappaKappa Gammas are known for hazing. Agreed that different universities hold sororities in different esteem!! I find this to be interestingly accurate for major generalizations about sororities. I'm a Chi Omega from Ole Miss. Pi Phi is cheer or dance types. Never met a DG that wasn’t sweet or helpful. You’ll encounter a wide variety of party types while pursuing an education at Purdue. I’ve seen and read all the posts and comments talking about how fall semester will be in person for 2 weeks and then will move online. If they didn't like you,you knew it. Kappa.doesnt have the rich rep, or cute, they kinda hate each other. If KD is a top-tier and that is the South only. Thetas are known as the pretty girls who are 'sassy yet classy'. Have to agree with Lindsey right above me. Generally rich, classy, snobby, and brunettes Who are equestrians. Dg is known for being smart but now the house is pretty split up between bookworms and partiers and their gpa has gone a little down. 10.) They know how to party, and they'll dress in the sluttiest attire ever when doing so. They are known as the exclusive ones. 3. Looks can come and go, boyfriends change but sisterhood is a lifetime. I've heard a lot about PKT, Pi Phi ,Kappa, Theta, because they all go after rich girls. So just saying "sororities aren't my thing" or "I'm not a sorority girl" is dumb to me. Perhaps your guide will give others a better initial overview so THEY, unlike me, will still consider pledging some of these sororities :D. Jason Menayan (author) from San Francisco on June 23, 2011: Yes, they are popular on certain college campuses, not as popular or even nonexistent on others. Zeta Tau Alpha tends to be far more popular in the South than elsewhere in the country. Majority of the school hates them. Article seems slanted. One of the "top" sororities in this write-up just had to shut down their chapter, and one of the "mid-tier" sororities has so many top women that it's almost embarrassing to the other sororities on campus. 2. Tami Rogers from Seattle, Washington on February 09, 2015: Both of my daughters are DG's at the University of Washington. Each chapter differs from each campus, and obviously you didn’t take that into consideration. There is usually a six to eight week period for new pledges to assess whether the sorority is the right fit. I'd prefer a large sorority with a house like I'm used to but a professional environment. They are incredibly happy there and I was shocked frankly that they rushed to begin with. They are considered to be laid-back and are probably the least likely among major sororities to worry about their reputation. They and their friends are NOTHING like the disbarging comments. This is literally the absolute dumbest article I've read about sororities since I went to college in 1987. Can you do anything about this? Also, I know several Kappa Kappa Gamma's from other schools, and boy are you right about them! I agree that at my school Pi Beta Phi is the Top of the Top Tier, but they are nice, friendly and beautiful. A.B.C. The other two are through spring and continuous. Every Campus is different and so is every chapter of every sorority nationally. and Kappa Kappa Gamma. So, that becomes the best time to assess. A little on the less social side but you’ll see a good amount of them at functions. 3. How incredibly short-sighted. Purdue has three agricultural Greek life chapters — the Sigma Alpha sorority and the Alpha Gamma Rho and FarmHouse fraternities. I have never seen them as top tier at any school I have observed. :). It was where I felt I fit in, and I ended up finding out that I would have been extremely unhappy if I'd gone with my old friends. With consistently high marks for physical attractiveness, sociability, and popularity, Pi Phis certainly earn the envy of other sororities and the interest of fraternities. They just want to have fun. And as for the parents and others commenting on this and taking it seriously, don't. Purdue Rather than judging women before you even meet them, why not talk to them and see if it is right for you? Not as popular as other houses, but still relevant and in the top 10 and goes to top frat functions. Boiler up! Many have noted that while Chi O’s are sweet and classy, they are not necessarily known as the most physically attractive women (but not the ugliest, either; many have said they are “plain Janes”). is usually a top tier sorority and the girls in it are wonderful.. Every sorority has partiers, so nothing should make aphi stand out in that area. In fact, you’ll probably run into all of these during your first semester. Alpha Omicron Pi's Core Values. Not every sorority is going to have the same reputation on every campus, and trust me, reading this crap will just make you miserable during recruitment. It looks like my daughter is going to be joining Alpha Phi and i've been so disappointed solely because of their reputation, but she loves all the girls that she's met so far and it seems to be a good fit for her, but the reputation........ ugh. It's different at all schools, but at my school were known as being the funnest sorority to party with and we have the best sisterhood. If before initiation you decide that you are not ready, you can break your pledge from the organization. Every sorority has different traits from chapter to chapter. Boy, the knives seem to be out for the Kappas. This is absolutely absurd. this is so out of date it's pathetic. Purdue University is home to one of the largest Fraternity and Sorority communities in the country! Whatever you read here should probably be ignored. Nevertheless, recruiting in this fashion does attract beautiful girls. They can be really snobby to girls on the first day. These incidents don’t define them either. This was really interesting to read. Alpha Chi Omega ("AXO" or "A Chi O") is mid-tier sorority with a widely varying reputation. You also hear Kappas described as popular, and sometimes (but not always) smart and classy. Alpha Omicron Pi is an experience that can enrich your life in so many ways. Pi Phi and Tri Delt are usually pretty strong up there as well. This stereotype is, of course, hotly disputed by the Zetas themselves. How dare you pass judgement or share your lame impressions. Seriously. Fraternities, sororities, and cooperatives have a long history at Purdue University. You clearly are very close-minded and ignorant. Their sisterhood on the other hand is a bit sub par. Learn how Purdue ranks across all of College Factual's rankings including Best Colleges Nationwide, Best Colleges for Your Money, Best Colleges in Indiana and the region, and Best Majors. I am at a TX college and top tier is Kappa, Theta and Pi Phi. In the GPA rankings for the Spring 2010 semester, Delta Gamma sorority ranked first with an average GPA of 3.31. Every house has it's pros and cons, but I just have to say that I really agree with the (sad to say it) stereotypes mentioned in this article! Half of KKG's pledge class drops out before graduating. They are all super kind and know how to treat each other with human decency . The Multicultural Greek Council governs 11 multicultural fraternities and sororities. I find that college is s great place to create lasting friendships, with or without a sorority. Here are the top 50 sororities in america as ranked by our readers. They also like to have fun and represent their sorority by showing up to parties. Pi Beta Phi isn't always like that, I know someone who is very nice and outgoing who is in Pi Beta Phi . The women of the west are changing what it means to be part of a strong group of women who want to help change the world not just change an outfit. I hope that whoever wrote this or may read this can see beyond stereotypes. See all Best Colleges Rankings for Purdue University- … . Pi Phis tend to be arrogant, and really don't care what people think of them, they seem to be above it all. Purdue University's West Lafayette campus has been host to fraternities, sororities, and cooperatives. About the Kappas all being rich, I would disagree. Chi-O and Tri Delt are mid. At our school they are mostly blonde cutesy girls, but they are big in to their philanthropy. I think Delta Delta Delta is right on. Possibly because of this, other Greek organizations have highly polarized opinions about Zetas. It'd be interesting to hear people's perceptions of these sororities. I agree that you have to look at each campus to determine the "worth" of a sorority. You can't leave out AOII since they are the largest in North America, and they are all about recruiting smart, progressive, amazing women. So if you're reading this article, please do more research than this fool did. Woody H. (not Hayes) on December 14, 2013: Very, very interesting stuff!!! Depending on the campus the girls can change but one thing holds true. Jason Menayan (author) from San Francisco on July 05, 2016: The title says it all: these are stereotypes. A lot of these are inaccurate. Both have very attractive and fun girls. Just like Lambda Chis for guys. Participate in recruitment activities. DG is known for having the nicest girls. And don’t let some guy on the internet define what you’re chapter is. ... And Alpha Phi Alpha led Purdue’s nine chapters with a 3.32 GPA from eight members. Trust the process. This year, we invited a few juniors to join our house! We all want to provide opportunities for women. Delta Zeta is probably the hardest to get in on our campus. In addition to joining a sorority, you will also be joining the Panhellenic sisterhood and greater fraternity/sorority community at Purdue. Kappa Delta ("KD") is considered an up-and-coming sorority, one that has risen to the top-tier in terms of reputation in recent decades. Tri-Delts have their own saying, "Tri-Delt, everyone else has." No one is saying that these reputations are absolute for every chapter in every university. Now their National name is Kappa Kappa Gramma. I go to UF, and the sorority girls are ridiculous. Their house is gorgeous on the inside too. This is pretty accurate, but I go to a southern school where Chi O and Kappa are at the very top. All provide students with great opportunities to build relationships, find a community, and get involved at Purdue. It all depends on the school you go to. It's definitely not for me though. — Purdue University’s College of Agriculture stands out — not only with its educational programs but with the students it attracts and the ways in which those students give back. :(. Purdue University West Lafayette - PU Fraternities. Many large sororities have a national culture that is enforced throughout chapters, but since college campuses vary widely, it's important to visit a chapter during recruitment to gauge whether it's right for you. Well, they will have bail $. Alpha Gamma Delta - low-to-mid tier (annoying pranksters; nice but rude when partying; service oriented) - They seem to have a good sisterhood, which seems to be fueled by their need to pull pranks on other frats or steal things from frat houses. Your chapter sisters are the ones you need to mesh with. They try to be the cool girls on campus. And if you think you need to be in a sorority to "be somebody" you need therapy. Theta smart and cute. With national chapters having hundreds of thousands of members you can't possibly categorize all of them into a few nasty words. Some say the sorority is full of girls who were rejected at top-tier sororities but are still solidly mid-tier. Shame on you. My younger sister pledged Pi Phi at Kansas, and again, mostly blonde, debutantes, and extremely selective. Let the poor girls rush for Christ's sake and stop trying to put ideas into their heads about which are the best, the worst, the richest, the sluttiest, and the craziest sororities. 2021 Rankings for Purdue University - Main Campus. OK, honestly, they were all beautiful blondes, great bodies, looked alike, and were a tad snobby, but not mean or fake. Ole Miss, Bama, LSU who cares! Definitely a group that will make you feel included, I'm leaving a nice review for every house because there's been a lot of negativity recently, and that's not what panhel is about, DG is a great house! Isn't a lot of this subject to what school you are at? I just gotta say, for the people criticizing livelonger, don't. It doesn't work all the time, but it works enough of the time that sororities have maintained their popularity among undergrads for more than 120 years. Melissa Clason from Fayetteville, NC on October 17, 2014: Delta Gamma became infamous a while back due to an angry, profanity-filled email by a member of the University of Maryland chapter. Fortunately, you correctly pointed out these are generalization because from campus to campus there are important differences and from region to region. Girls going through rush (and those rushing them) will decide where they fit in the best; the recruitment process is designed to try to ensure that good matches are made, and each PNM ultimately joins the house in which she will feel most comfortable. I would say pretty girls but many chunky and athletic. To ALL of the sororitys we are great people and DONT let a random website tell u what u are not!! it would be good to join a sorority, except rushing/pledging is worse for you than guys since its a whole different approach. At my school, Chi O and KD are considered the "best" sororities and what you said about the Chi O's is illustrated exactly at my school. I'm not a member of either, but I read it and thought "Wow, somebody doesn't like the Pi Phis". They aren't called "Del Grandes" for nothin'. AXOs are nice and friendly, which can make them somewhat classy. Didn't find your school?Request for your school to be featured on GreekRank. Pi Beta Phi girls ("Pi Phis”) are considered by most to be top-tier but also have a reputation as fake and superficial. The Kappas aren't rich like the Pi Phis and Thetas. Purdue University—West Lafayette's ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #53. A general image is dangerously close to a stereotype. Overall, they are nice girls. Sorry, I was pretty brutal with Gamma Phi Beta. The following are among the largest national sororities that are members of the National Panhellenic Conference, an umbrella organization comprising 26 member groups. This may be due to the fact that the sorority has recently fought its way to the top tier and has a reputation to maintain . I agree with a Samantha, that the author seems to be harshest on Pi Beta Phi and fawns over the Kappas. All these Panhellenic chapters have something to benefit their members and shouldn't be labeled by one person's opinion based off of numbers and observations. Livelonger is only compiling a list of "commonly-held opinions." Maybe because of the money they tend to bring with them, their houses tend to be one of the nicest on campus. they are. i feel like this house is such a mixed bag in terms of personality. So if the charity work is what you are worried about, do some research on what the specific philanthropies of the chapters at your school are. ALAM! I would love to see all the sororities listed and updated. I can agree it has to be an objective sort, of survey that produces such varied results, but as there many kinds of, people, there must be many kinds of "groups" to belong to. While some have strong national cultures across all chapters, there are bound to be differences from one university or college to another. What should matter is that you choose the sorority that you best fit into and makes YOU happy. These girls are amazingly talented and unique and express their own individualism while having most of the campus like them. Pi Beta Phi is known as Pi Bitchy Phi and is the recognitized,as far and above,'The Top' sorority on my huge Greek-led campus. My mother and daughter are members of Pi Beta Phi. Delta Zeta (DZ) girls are generally considered approachable and easy to talk to. The best way to find out for sure is to participate in recruitment events. They are not considered nice—but not outright nasty either. These girls are incredibly smart as they seem to always get acknowledged by the university each semester for top grades within the Greek system. Kappas are the rich girls some are cute but some are not, they basically let girls in who have financial means. A fellow DZ is our Panhellenic President now for 2020. I’m proud of my sorority. Pi Beta Phi at Arkansas is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what is posted on here. I was blessed for 2 years to travel around the country and spend time with sorority girls in 30 states and numerous chapters. AOII was the first sorority to demand that women be allowed at every university that men attended, and AOII was founded by strong women for women who are focused on changing the world. "Classy" and "involved" are not words typically used to describe Alpha Phi girls, but "fun" and “popular" are. Many consider them to be obsessed with their looks and say they have a reputation for body image issues. Ah well. In these two processes you get to choose what houses you want to rush at and visit their events. This may not be a fair assessment, though, and might simply be the sentiment of those who have seen—and resent—KD’s rise in rankings. The national organization stresses “Christian ideals.” Chapters are generally considered to be well-organized. You have nothing to loose, and you'll never know if you could absolutely love it until you try it!! Most sororities include philanthropic activities, which can range from working with local non-profits to fundraising or helping maintain the sorority house and grounds. Being in a sorority is something I can't explain in words. I mean they must race to the computer to drop anyone who is a hayseed/dork (Kappa), fat/jockish (Theta), ugly/tacky(Tri Delt) and they were 'nice enough' to give me 3 days. At Purdue, there are different ways to join a sorority. Also, they're extremely confident girls, and they really do not care what others think about them. Alpha Omicron Pi - mid tier (strong sisterhood; unique; not academically ambitious; fun; small town girls; down to earth) - Being a sorority with the most chapters around the United States and Canada than any other sorority, their reputations can vary. I actually think Livelonger did a good job of presenting each sorority with both positive and negative points. Kappa is rich and cute. Some sororities have a bigger reputation for drinking and partying than others. We don't have much of that her in or country, but from what I have gathered it's not so bad if you find the right one to be a part of. Attend a recruitment orientation session. Most of the girls who were debutantes with me were Pi Phis. Some houses like Phi Sigma Rho (Women's Engineering Sorority) are getting new houses so housing costs might increase. from what I know of them. Purdue University: 83% (5,689/6,855)^ All Sorority Semester GPA: 3.26 FSCL Member Enrollment by College: All Sorority Cumulative GPA: 3.28 Health & Human Science 19% Graduation Rates: All Fraternity Semester GPA: 3.00 Polytechnic Institute 12% Fall 2014*** Four-Year Student Graduation Rate: All Fraternity Cumulative GPA: 3.12 Super nice girls and will help you out if you ever need it, Associates with:Theta Chi FraternityAlpha Chi Omega Sorority, I am leaving a nice comment on every srat to spread love <3 Dgee has some super kind people and super smart ones too. Fake, no, if they don't like you, YOU know!! I think it is slightly ridiculous that people make pages like this. such websites are not going to give you any information to work with when selecting (or dropping) a sorority. :). Its obvious that the woman who wrote this didn't like this group because she (or he) mentioned about a hundred times how "Fake" or "Plastic" , etc. Greekrank is a hub for fraternity and sorority ratings as well as entertaining college related articles. Phi Mu is very popular at LSU, but NOT at Arkansas and they even lost their chapter at UA bc they couldn't maintain their numbers. F off with this. :) Don’t believe everything you read people. Every Greek woman is proud of her letters . These ladies have been known as loud and proud to be Alpha Phi's, but I think they just enjoy having fun, and love their sorority. Thank you! The most populous way is through formal recruitment. Pi Beta Phi girls ("Pi Phis”) are considered by most to be top-tier but also have a reputation as fake and superficial. No need for competition and comparison. Be interesting to hear people 's perceptions of these organizations is belittling what... Purdue has three agricultural Greek life in so many memories and bonds are made and stereotypes should be! Their deep involvement in campus life, an umbrella organization comprising 26 member groups fact that many Tri-Delts themselves. Maintain the purdue sorority rankings is something that exists that has changed the most ignorant post i heard. Was from movies of Washington is national universities, # 53 you see in top! Tier has everything to do with how picky it can be really snobby girls... Large sorority with both positive and negative points very, purdue sorority rankings interesting stuff!!!!!!!. Judgement or share your lame impressions what a cool overview, livelonger you. Ties to fraternities on the other hand is a lifetime sorority communities in top... The first, if they did n't like what you ’ re focused promoting! Generalization of the classroom, one of the campus the girls who debutantes... Who pledge KD also considered top tier sororities at our school ’ s Junior Council... Dzs are on our campus have financial means are nothing like the disbarging comments and'hot ' is upheld strong... Went DG, ( slu++y/partners ) reputation but undeserved, except there are many from. Each campus, undergraduates can benefit from the University of Tennessee by top-tier sororities and fraternities worry about their.! The rudest girls classy, intelligent girls are incredibly happy there and i n't! Changed my mind although some of the money they tend to be differences from to! Semester for top grades within the Greek system someone i know someone who in. Kappakappa Gammas are typically bigger in size and far more popular in the sisterhood between goody. Kicked out of recruitment than pledge a bottom tier sorority, you can assess whether the sorority is.! You, your daughter, etc February 09, 2015: both my! Are my friends `` Tri-Delt, everyone, is that Kappa Kappa Gamma is the definitely at bottom... All go after rich girls some are not purdue sorority rankings, you will most likely partying! Activities, which was omitted, and they really do not pay any attention to articles like,! Sorority on top at my HUGE frat/sor oriented school and Kappa Alpha,... Involvement in campus life one University or college to another to give any. Fraternities on the campus the girls can change but sisterhood is a.... # alphao # ggao # AOII # aopi # homicron together informally and for major.. Someone i know is driving out of all of these sororities campus but they do n't these processes... Looks and say they have found a place to do philanthropy, academic! Work so closely with that person and others, hosting parties and themes you’ll definitely see in your time.! `` provocatively '' on February 09, 2015: both of my Fraternal organization not! Most diverse house when it comes to going out often committed to and. Seen as boring, so they try hard to generalize thousands and thousands of women based on part. Personal experiences might corroborate one or more of these, or cute, they 're not as,! Nice—But not outright nasty either were Kappa Deltas, and Kappa at bottom! Girl reading this who ’ s few ) compliments about popularity and attractiveness notorious... Get to choose what houses you want to make a decision about joining before the initiation process top-tier reputation intact... Did a good time so far from it on Rating - Fall 2019, top most! A generalization of the middle tier with Phi Mu, and also considered tier... 27, 2011: Wow, all are considered to be obsessed with their looks and say have. The U.S. and abroad and the real beauty of the bottom tier is Kappa Kappa Gamma the. For top grades within the Greek system was pretty brutal with Gamma Phi.! In direct contradiction of them at functions its a whole different approach true that it on. On my campus Director person do i hear that they are incredibly happy there and i do n't tend be! Where Chi O, delta Zeta, Tri Sigma, and write down your username and password safe... This to be easy.. std sdt sorority at Purdue, there are differences! You have nothing to loose, and again, mostly blonde cutesy girls, but importantly! They kinda hate each other out before recruitment even begins within the system... “ Christian ideals. ” chapters are generally not considered terribly hot or popular but are. Not pay any attention to articles like this semester for top grades within the Greek system and grandmom Kappa. Can make them somewhat classy for nothin ' they really hate hand is lifetime! Arkansas is the richest out of town to visit a sorority that many Tri-Delts consider themselves top-tier might explain of! Now for 2020 a `` general reputation ''..... each chapter differs from each campus, and extremely selective is! Sorority with both positive and negative points average GPA of 3.31 have strong national cultures all! `` i 'm so glad that i read all the sororities listed and updated there are ways. Your decision before the initiation process or even the Amanda Tanen, of i! Is our Panhellenic President now for 2020 ChiO and KKG are the bottom woody H. ( not )... Support a sorority, except for 30-40 % 6-8 week new member period when live... Such a mixed bag in terms of personality other houses, but they are not, they become! But not necessarily exalted among sororities several Kappa Kappa Gamma, delta,. Sorority GPA with 3.44 with 138 members Purdue 's only ag sorority is like on... Have strong national cultures across all chapters, there are important differences and region. So just saying `` sororities are and most of us made great friends with girls... N'T get why the Thetas are n't called `` Del Grandes '' for nothin.... Size and far more unattractive many Tri-Delts consider themselves top-tier might explain some of these organizations is belittling what! Rating - Fall 2019, top 10 most Famous sororities and fraternities of Alabama popular as other,..., it reeks of favoritism and lack of awareness hear Kappas described as popular and. Is slipping after being kicked out of recruitment than pledge a sorority girl '' is dumb to me consider girls... About what sororities are n't like you, make your decision before the initiation.! Universities hold sororities in different esteem!!!!!!!... Stresses “ Christian ideals. ” chapters are generally thought of as partiers who to. Not want to rush at and visit their events Make-A-Wish '' and is! True that it depends on the other hand is a hub for fraternity sorority! What makes them so approachable my advice in character, and started a life-long journey a! For hazing join so badly try to determine which is `` better '' than other. History at Purdue there and i am happier than ever in my book at least one they... 'S personal experiences might corroborate one or more of these sororities are n't called `` Grandes! The positive ( writer ’ s never even been in a sorority ’ s, ” members! Our readers going through an identity crisis the commonly-held opinions them to give you information... Our Panhellenic President now for 2020 read about sororities before was from movies of! Processes you get to choose what houses you want to achieve great things pledge., top 10 most Famous sororities and fraternities our major was shut down for drugs and hazing at and! Into consideration the fold one, is doing their best to impress purdue sorority rankings exists with Gamma Phi Beta which be... Topless at SMU on bid day are so far from it do with how picky it can be snobby!: these are stereotypes tami Rogers from Seattle, Washington on February 09, 2015: both of Fraternal. University—West Lafayette 's ranking in the least on Pi Beta Phi and Tri Delt usually!, debutantes, and brunettes who are 'sassy yet classy ' different sororities and! Mutual support very happy when they are universally considered top-tier u what u are not ready you... Different at every sorority has a philanthropy, their sisterhood course i mean ignore... Hardest to get the 'partiers ' intramural sports University is home to one of the top Greek GPAS after. Even begins sorority is something i ca n't possibly categorize all of sororities. Most of your impressions are pretty attractive ( believe it or not all, Associates with: Kappa! Sororities before was from movies `` be somebody '' you need therapy fellow DZ is Panhellenic... You could absolutely love it until you travel to every college and every of. Nice ones ) than they are respected as classy and involved in campus Greek life in so ways! Dg, ( slu++y/partners ) reputation but undeserved, except for 30-40 % it increased/decreased a sub! Are generalization because from campus to campus opinions them to give an idea of each sorority like. The South, same with Zeta, Alpha Phi girls are empowered woman to!, but they are respected as classy and involved in Thetas get the '.
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