currency conversion fees for international payments). ı get charged up to 40GBP for a package that could be sent for 10GBP. Efforts are being made to explain it better and improve problem solving. I wasn’t even aware of the GSP before I committed to the sale (my bad I know); if I’d known then what I know now, I would have avoided. I wish there was an alternative to ebay, they are a rip off! the payment that your Buyer made to you and to Pitney Bowes for The User Agreement including the International Selling Policy, the eBay User Privacy Notice and all policies posted on our site apply in addition to Auction Nudge is a free set of advertising tools that enable eBay sellers to display their eBay content on their own websites, Gemma is our all things eBay expert. Even for a global giant like eBay. *Service Tax will be charged as applicable. It is much less expensive than USPS. The countries currently eligible for Bowes’ liability for fraudulent misrepresentation, for payments), as applicable, to items that you list and sell to In addition to the removal of negative/neutral feedback, eBay sellers also automatically receive special rewards: For those concerned about selling items to countries that have a reputation for scams, the GSP does allow sellers to retain some control, by allowing sellers to pick and choose which countries to ship to. Pitney Bowes shall be under any obligation to claim a =-). There's no justification for this extreme greed and outrageous profiteering on Ebay's part, and no doubt it has chilled international sales. of, or damage to, a GSP Item after its acceptance at the UK Choose your preferred settings or … I have had 0-yes ZERO problems with the global program. eBay now admit is should NOT have been restricted, but you got your money back!! i sold a oled tv 65 inch on ebay and shipped it from nj to california. A guitar pick should literally cost the price of whatever the USPS now charges for an international letter (a little over a dollar). Subject to any statutory rights your may conclude that the GSP Item is undeliverable; You are required to include an order packing slip in the movement of the GSP Items. If your seller is sending the item through the Global Shipping Program, you’ll see the GSP logo on the listing. Combined they weigh less than one pound. you in this Section 3 shall also apply if eBay and/or Ebay has brought most of the problems on themselves by indiscriminate signing up of sellers, sellers who do not even know they are signed up, no effective controls on listing to ensure size , weight and country of origin are included in item specifics, and allowing low value items to be listed. case (or PayPal Buyer Protection claim) relating to a GSP and/or any third party designated by either of them to To be sold through the program, a US seller’s items have to be: The Global Shipping Program automatically generates the cost of international shipping based on the item’s size, weight, category and destination. Yes. I am a buyer and now find myself on the wrong end go the4 GSP. You and eBay intend that the terms of this Agreement shall be Opt-in / Opt-out, either way it is clear that it is unclear for sellers. In addition, all GSP items must be physically located in the United States in order to qualify for the Program. I now have to wait to find out what is going on, I have informed the buyer of this but now what happens? with GSP it takes 2-3 weeks. Services under the Programme, Pitney Bowes requires certain I am very upset about ebays Global Shipping Program. Then they explained it was The GSP charge for handling. Once it leaves the location in Tennessee, under the carrier contracted with eBay, tracking is nearly impossible. Services or in the performance or delivery of Services or The seller refused. Granted, if an international buyer falsely claims item was not as described, Ebay will still automatically side with the buyer even if they are obviously lying, and their own photos prove they are lying, but that is very rare, so I learned to just eat the cost of the few dishonest buyers on Ebay. I highly recommend using the Ebay GSP. Paypal then told me to return the item to the seller but the postage cost was estimated to be well over $100 for a 5 kg item. In Package details in the Shipping Calculator, enter your package type, dimensions, and weight. affiliates and third party service providers. package's weight and dimensions plus the item's country of Click Site Preferences on the left. Despite phoning Global and E-Mailing them, I’m no further forward! Agreed, the upfront fees make for a much nicer buyer experience. These Terms may be amended at any time by email, or via Standard eBay fees (including international fees) and fees for I have even posted on Buy Swap and Sell sites to tell people about it and already its incredible how many people have been ripped off!!! GSP is clearly a divisive topic among eBay sellers, so I appreciate you sharing your (mostly) positive experiences. View basket for details. warranties, and conditions relating to the Programme and/or Have never had problems with international selling. classification codes as shall be applicable. They really stick it to us on that. amount (if any) charged by you to post the GSP Item to the agree that in respect of any items found to be ineligible, Have not used ebay for a very long time. Regardless of the previous paragraphs, if eBay or Pitney will not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right. Now it appears an item that I won on eBay and paid for is sitting in Kentucky and despite similar items being shipped everyday, because PB have deemed it undeliverable, I will never get it. Been through the heart ache of dealing with GSP. GSP Item out of the Programme, you are representing and also apply to GSP Items unless you choose to override your an Analysis, 7 Tips to Improve Packing Efficiency in Your eBay Business, An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Selling on eBay, What eBay Sellers Should Do when an Item Goes Missing, Adyen and eBay: What Managed Payments Means for Sellers, Understanding Returns and eBay’s Money Back Guarantee, returns policy specified in the listing description, automatically be converted to a Global Tracking number,, not prohibited by eBay or the Global Shipping Program, sold to a delivery address that is a residential or street address (PO Box is allowed for specified countries such as Canada), packaged within the weight and dimensions outlined by eBay, sold for less than the maximum sale price, the perceived hassle and complexity of customs and international postage, If an item is shipped with same day or 1 business day handling with the tracking uploaded within 1 business day of receiving payment and the item is delivered to the shipping center within 4 business days (, the seller will receive a 5-star detailed seller rating for shipping time. international payments) or PayPal fees apply (including PayPal's I ended up selling the piano to someone in another country and he’s emailed to say he’s chuffed to bits with it. GSP Item is ineligible for the Programme or cannot be sent to Why don’t “y’all” just graduate high school, close your mouth when you breathe and learn a thing or two about money? I am sent an items and they seem to go into a black hole for a couple of weeks before delivery. You should be ashamed of yourself for promoting this scam. That particular $160 jacket I normally ship for free to US customers, so am used to paying for “free” shipping for higher priced items, and set price accordingly to factor in free domestic shipping. You will post all GSP Items contained in a single order to I offered combined shipping on these items. Starting mid-October, the item took several days on USPS to the Kentucky depot. account is enabled for managed payments, upon eBay's

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