The broods/pets have a lot of the required breed type missing. Its most characteristic trait is the small silky tassel found at the tip. It is going to be hard to choose the best answer. Folded Ears Breeding two Scottish Folds results in a kitten having bone disorder. From shop Littlesweethappyness. Tear staining: A white Pomeranian is going to show tear stains much more prevalently than Pomeranians of most other colors. Why Do Pomeranians have Small Ears? Occasionally a three to six month old puppy's ears will droop, like those of a Sheltie. I have just bought a 10 week old pomeranian and her ears were drooping down or looked like anyother dogs ears. This type of ear is characteristic of dogs selectively bred for tracking. From shop RabbitPrint. The Filbert ear is a unique type of ear that is only seen in the Bedlington terrier. I could not positivley say it was not purebred…... …I have seen some poms that look like this. Allowed HTML tags: